It's a Wild World: Why You Should Join a Self Defense for Women Class

You’re walking from the bus stop to get home from work when you feel the familiar chill of someone watching you. While nobody may actually be following you, this is a fear that follows most people who walk, especially women.

If you take self defense for women classes things might be a little different. You’ll be able to walk home in confidence knowing that if someone were to attack, you’d be able to protect yourself. Even if you never have to use the skills that you learned, there are many other benefits to taking them as well. 

Keep reading to find out all the benefits of taking a self-defense class for women to decide if it might be a good idea for you.

1. Safety 

The first benefit of taking self-defense classes is the obvious one. You’ll learn the basics of defending yourself so you’ll be prepared if you’re ever attacked on the street. 

When you have the knowledge that if you’re attacked you could easily disarm or escape from someone trying to hurt you, it can help you have the confidence to walk home at night.  

2. You’ll Be More Confident 

With all the negative stories you hear on the news, it’s no wonder that you would feel unprepared and underconfident that you would be able to handle yourself in an emergency situation. 

When you’re able to hold your head up and hold a posture that drips with confidence, it’s less likely that you will be attacked then if you were to hold your head down or look like you don’t know where you’re going. 

3. You’ll Be More Aware 

Self-defense classes will tell you everything that you should be looking for when you’re walking around the streets. You’ll become aware of any place that an assailant may pop up out of to grab you. 

If you aren’t looking for it, when you are attacked you’ll become shocked which will make it easier for you to be knocked out or pulled away. If you’re waiting for it, while you may be shocked at first, you’ll be able to quickly recover and handle the situation. 

4. You’ll Have Better Balance 

Are you one of those people who can’t walk in a straight line without tripping over your feet? Let’s face it, a lot of people are clumsy but self-defense classes can help you with that because you’ll learn how to properly stay on your feet to handle an assailant. 

Not only will you learn balance in a physical sense but a mental one as well. You’ll be able to focus better. It’s basically impossible to fight without this balance to help you. 

5. You Get to Learn Something New 

While you’ve enrolled yourself in self-defense classes to keep yourself safe, you also get to have the thrill of learning something new. Even though this thrill isn’t under the best circumstances, it can still be fun because you get a chance to meet new people as well. 

When you’re able to accept that you’re learning something new and see it as something fun, you’re more likely to accept your losses. This means you’ll be less likely to quit. 

6. You Practice Self-Discipline 

Again, you’re going to win some and you’ll lose some. Meaning, some classes will be a cake walk, and some will be more difficult. You have to have the self-discipline to keep practicing even when things get tough or you get knocked down. 

Self-discipline is a very important trait that can help you with more things in life than just your defense classes. It can stop you from dropping out of a college class after one bad grade, or walking out of a job after a bad review. 

7. You Get Fit 

If you feel like you need to lose weight, why not do it while also learning how to protect yourself? You don’t just work on not being shocked when you get grabbed. You also work on being able to take the assailant down. 

You’ll typically start with a warm-up and then move on to actual defense exercises. Women typically carry all of their strength in their legs and these classes make up their regimen with that in mind.

You’ll be able to get fit and roundhouse someone to the ground. It’s a win-win situation. 

8. You Get in Touch with Your Inner Warrior 

When you’re attacked, you won’t be able to rely on power alone and you can’t just wait and see what your assailant’s next attack will be. To this end, you have to rely on power to take the assailant down and reflexes to get away if they try and grab you again. 

For the most part, your assailant will be trying to get you in their car to take you to a second location. Once you get to the second location it’s less likely that you will be found and saved. Getting in touch with your inner warrior won’t just increase your reflexes, it’s also a mindset. 

Your thoughts will transform from “I hope someone is able to find me once I’m taken” to “I’ll survive right here. I’m not getting in the car!” 

Why Taking Self Defense for Women Classes is Great Idea 

Taking self defense for women classes won’t only provide you with the skills you need to take down someone attacking you. It will change your entire mindset. You’ll be able to walk with confidence and feel safe while walking down the street because you know if you’re grabbed, they will have a fight on their hands.

Ready to take a few defense classes? Contact us if you’re in the Chicago area to sign up! 

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